About us

Lamberhurst is a national organisation of business professionals enhancing results in the Private and Public Sectors in the areas of Operations, People and Performance.

Clients choose Lamberhurst because

  • We provide senior level expertise without the executive expense.
  • We operate as a virtual business so our clients pay for the expertise NOT the overhead.
  • All projects are delivered from start to finish by the most senior experienced people, we do not use clients as a training ground.

Clients have confidence in the quality of our services because

  • Our skills have been honed in business to provide practical solutions for organisations.
  • We are experienced pragmatists not solely business school theorists.
  • We have resilience and a breadth of peer group support.

Institute Of Consulting Logo

Lamberhurst is a Recognised Practice of the Institute of Consulting - the professional body for the Business Consulting Profession.