People expertise

Our People Practice Group brings together Lamberhurst professionals with a proven track record in adding value in businesses through developing people – the life blood of any business.  We can build and improve a business through providing you with a range of services that will develop your staff to perform to their maximum and be highly motivated.   Our specialist skills include developing your leaders so that they are agile in responding to, and being proactive towards, the ever changing external environment.  We can coach and mentor your managers and provide them with leadership and managerial skills to help them grow in confidence and develop successful teams.

Successful Employee engagement makes a significant difference in terms of productivity, cost effectiveness, motivation and high performance.  Lamberhurst has developed its own unique, pragmatic approach to understanding, enhancing and managing employee engagement.  These specialist skills include strategy development, skills and competency analysis, assessment and planning, leadership and management training, coaching and mentoring, facilitation and creative problem solving, change management and business transformation, internal communications and employee engagement surveys, employee and team profiling and assessments, and many more.

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We also have a number of ‘products’ available to assist in HR management.